Sunday, January 24, 2016

Light-year Cookbook Reviews: 400 Calorie Fix: The Easy New Rule for Permanent Weight Loss

Cookbook reviews shouldn't take a year, in my speed of light summaries I'll do it in less than 365 words! Even if you read one word a day, you will have at least .25 days left. I give you the "skinny" for every cookbook on some key points:
  • What is the aim of the book
  • How pretty it is
  • How readable the recipes are
  • How feasible the recipes are
  • How well the book supports good health (the horrible pun comes back around!)
  • Is the book good for vegetarians? 
  • Is the book good for vegans?

First up we have 400 Calorie Fix: The Easy New Rule for Permanent Weight Loss!


This book provides a way to calorie count without stressing out and counting every chip you eat.


The photography in the book is excellent. The large photo spreads throughout the book are paired with visuals of nearly every recipe, which enhance the reading experience.


Title and ingredient fonts are large and legible. Every recipe is straightforward, although the directions often could have been broken down into smaller steps.


None of the recipes are challenging. There are extensive sections covering quick meals, fast food, restaurants and social gatherings.


Within the 400 Calorie Fix there are several tools to help very realistically help the reader make improvements in their diet. Calorie counting is a reliable way to lose weight. However, if it is the only tool you use it can lead to unbalanced nutrition, reliance on processed meals, and stress over exact counts. These issues, when combined, can lead to cheating and abandoning a diet. Each of these issues is addressed in the 400 Calorie Fix. Every recipe in the book has a rating of how well it addresses basic nutritional needs with a detailed nutrition panel. Quick meal recipes help break the rut of frozen diet lunches, but there is also advice for making the healthiest snack machine and packaged meal selections. The daily target of 4-5 meals of 400 calories allow for the reader to build meals tailored to their needs. Once these are rote you do not have to tick off each ingredient in a calorie diary. The author also knows that staying on a plan is hardest at an office party or buffet. There are sections that outline how to eat enough to be satisfied without missing out on your favorites entirely. Success stories with photos of real people reinforce that you can lose reasonable amounts of weight at safe speeds.


Excellent vegetarian suggestions are present nearly everywhere. Many meat recipes use the meat as a seasoning, and can easily be omitted.


There are only a couple of recipes that are vegan, and only a handful more that could be converted. The sections on food pacing and visual guides are still helpful.

If you would like to buy this book, please consider using the links in this post, a small bit trickles back to me if you do. Sometimes I receive complimentary copies of books I review, in this case I did not. I will always disclose this, but all opinions are always my own.

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